Vincity apartment, a new brand of Vingroup

VINCITY APARTMENT: Vincity apartment, a new brand of Vingroup - A NEW TRADE MARK OF VINGROUP
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Thứ Năm, 1 tháng 2, 2018

Vincity apartment, a new brand of Vingroup

With the reasonable price - Vincity it is a good chance for you invest. With the tendency invest to buy apartment rightnow. Vingroup building all project very fast and always apartment get increase at least 10 percent to 20 percent.

Vincity what it mean ? Vincity apartment ?

Vincity apartment this is a new brand of Vingroup Corp .Vincity apartment it is a product normaly apartment supply to general get invest be Vingroup development in 7 City in Viet Nam like: Ho Chi Minh , Ha Noi , Hung Yen , Nha Trang, Thanh Hoa , Ha Tinh , Hai Phong..

The first time in history of real estate Vingroup selling apartment normaly get cover the market . With plan development around 200.000 to 300.000 unit apartment below 1 billion. At 3/12/2016 Ha Noi vingroup was creat a new brand Vincity apartment.Vincity apartment is apartment below 1 billion of Vingroup invest in Viet Nam.

Localtion Vincity apartment:

vincity location

Vincity Ho Chi Minh City:

Vincity Ho Chi Minh it is a new brand of Vingroup at Ho Chi Minh cit behind brand Vinhomes luxury apartment . Vincity Ho Chi Minh . Vincity get expected get localtion in district 9 and a part in Binh Chanh District and Hooc Mon District - Cu Chi District . Because of many resident at Ho Chi Minh City very crowded so that this place it very nice to investment .

Vincity Ha Noi city:

Vincity Ha Noi get localtion some District nearly Bac Ninh city the place get many land and the reasonble price. Vincity Ha Noi get announced 03/12/2016 . Beside of that Vincity next times will be a get cover all the market apartment.

Vincity Hai Phong City:

After Vinhomes Hai Phong, Vincom Hai Phong Vingroup Corp get cover to the market norma apartment it is a Vincity Hai Phong. With the price like that Vincity will be supply above 3000 unit in here .

Vincity Hung Yen City:

Vincity Hung Yen get in the first term development system brand Vincity of Vingroup. Vincity Hung Yen get localtion at city center Hung Yen. Vincity Hung Yen will be make this a new the market .But tendency Vincity Hung Yen get above 2000 unit good price .

Vincity Ha Tinh City:

Ha Tinh is a good and new place inside the market real estate . Vingroup bring brand Vincity Ha Tinh will be cover the market apartment at there . With the best localtion , Vincity will be a center commecre of ha Tinh provide development this city .

Vincity Nha Trang City:

Vincity Nha Trang will be at city center Nha Trang - Khanh Hoa. Nha Trang city is a place development of Viet nam with a lot of center commecre . Vincity Nha Trang will be support of the development of Nha Trang and all Khanh Hoa . With Vinpearl , Vincity Nha Trang will be famous brand at Nha Trang in the furture .

Vincity Thanh Hoa City:

At the momment FLC corp get cover the market real estate in this city, but when Vincity get publish so that it will be see after . With high quality, system managerment professional Vincity Thanh Hoa will be real estate more expect of resident live in this area .

Price Selling Vincity apartment:

With the reasonable price. With the price like that it will be get many many people can buy it so that when it open selling it will be a hot point .

With the purpose will be change the face of Viet nam in next 5 years Vincity apartment will have a mission more importan is get cover the market Viet nam. A part below 1 billion it is very good to many type of custommer. With the plan offer brand Vincity apartment will really good of Vingroup.

Book to buy apartment in Vincity:

Because of Vincity apartment with the price selling very cheap so that get many custommer can buy it so many custommer get money but they can not take to buy unit it is a lot . So that if you interest in this project and have demand want to buy you should be booking soon to get support more . Contact to us to more detail . !

Some reason you should be know of Vincity:

- Vincity get management of Vinhome .
- Vincity selling with the normaly price suitable to many people
- Vincity get invest system facility private
- Invest in this project get back your fund soon
- Time to handover too fast .

Thanks your reading !

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